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General Spinal Health Test

Many spinal problems produce uneven weight distribution. Here’s a simple test you can conduct at home with two bathroom scales to reveal this common sign of spinal imbalance:

Click on each of these 3 simple steps and then click “Assessment”

Step 1

General Spinal Health Test Step 1
This test requires two bathroom scales. Make sure both weight-bearing surfaces are level.

Step 2

General Spinal Health Test Step 2
With eyes closed, have the test subject tilt their head up and down, and then left and right, settling to a comfortable, neutral position. Record the scale readings for each leg

Left leg: _______ Right leg: ________

Step 3

General Spinal Health Test Step 3
To eliminate the variance between the scales, reverse their positions and repeat the test.

Left leg: _______ Right leg: ________


  1. Average the findings of the left leg by adding both left leg readings and dividing by two.
  2. Average the results for the right leg by adding both readings and dividing by two.
  3. A difference greater than 5 lb./2 kg. between both legs is significant. Contact Chiropractic Advantage Healthcare, LLC and make an appointment today.

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