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Manalapan Township Chiropractic Reviews

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Chiropractic Advantage Healthcare, LLC patient testimonials below. Please, contact us if you have any questions. Our friendly staff is happy to help!

Chiropractic Helped Me

Dr. LaBruzza’s office is great. I came in with a big problem, and Dr. LaBruzza examined me, ordered appropriate imaging, walked me through the imaging, explained a course of treatment, and corrected my condition. In 8 weeks he had me better than I’ve been in a decade. Now I look forward to my less frequent adjustments.

-Eric C.

Sciatica Has Improved

I have been dealing with sciatic pain for 3 years on and off. After receiving three injections that didn’t help from a pain management doctor, he referred me to a neurosurgeon who sent me for physical therapy. After 5 months there was little improvement. I am so happy I came in contact with Dr. LaBruzza, he told me he could help me. On my first visit after looking at my MRI and x-rays, he told me that my condition was not one that would go away, but he could help me manage it, and that I would probably have flair ups too. Well true to his word, I am 85 to 90% better. I can function most of the time now, which I couldn’t before. Dr. Labruzza truly cares about helping his patients, he listens, he explains, and has a wonderful bedside manner.

-Marie G.

Excellent Chiropractor

Dr. LaBruzza is an excellent Chiropractor. He had helped me in the past so I knew I could expect very good treatment. Dr. LaBruzza listened to me, ordered diagnostic work and let me know exactly what the problem was and the expectations of the outcome. At first, I was a bit dejected because results were slow in coming but with time I am feeling much better and have improved my range of motion. Pain is minimum to non-existent. All through the process, Dr. LaBruzza kept my spirits up and made me feel confident that I would feel better. I highly recommend him.

-Gary P.

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